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Project overview

The edelkrone email automation series was created to increase sales and improve conversion for the companies sale of professional level photography and filmmaking equipment across their USA, European and Japanese customer base. The email series was integrated with the companies Shopify driven store and was build using Klavio email campaign builder. The design approach followed closely to edelkrone's robust brand guidelines and provided me the opportunity to produce an improved design style.

The emails would be sent to prospective and pre-exsisting customers using a logical sales funnel approach. The functionality of the emails combined with Shopify, enabled customers to revisit abandoned carts and complete their purchase with a single click as well as promoting alternative products and product upsells, based on customer analytics.

edelkrone email automation series
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Welcome Series

This initial series was sent in sequence to new email subscribers and customers through two channels. The first was new Shopify account registration via edelkrones website and the second, an email subscription modal with a lead generation in the form of a free Digital Photography e-book.

edelkrone welcome series email designs
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Purchase Series

The purchase series promoted complementary and combination products, tailored to customers based on their previous purchases. The series included integrated buy now options, that would navigate the customer directly to the Shopify cart process, in a single click, based on the product selected in the email.

edelkrone purchase series email designs
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Upsell Series

The upsell automated acted inline with the purchase series and would be tailored to pre-exsiting customers, this time promoting new and upgraded versions of previous purchases. Again the functionality synced with Shopify for a seamless checkout process.

edelkrone upsell series email designs
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